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What is the content of the Managed Services and Hosting Summit?

The Digital Dividend - The role of Managed Services in a Digital World

The role of IT, and the way companies are consuming IT is changing forever the relationship between IT companies and their customers. This revolution, over the last few years, has seen the emergence of a major new business model based around managed services.
The Managed Services and Hosting Summit 2017 will focus on how the market has evolved and how the Managed Service Provider is helping organisations to succeed in this brave new digital world.
The role of IT within modern businesses is changing from using technology to automate existing processes and functions to using it as a force to accelerate and improve business outcomes. This rise in strategic importance is permeating all facets of businesses and creating new opportunities for these MSPs. Organisations that understand these changing customer requirements and adjust their sales and marketing engagement models to address them are set to reap considerable rewards.

Morning session: The role of managed services in a digital world - The morning session will focus initially on the evolution of the digital marketplace, how Managed Services need to evolve in this digital era and how governments and the European Community are driving this marketplace.
The second half of the morning session will then break into two streams. The first , ‘Behind the Service’, will be a series of talks focused on the latest technologies and practices around the infrastructure and services vital to delivering the managed service offering. The second stream, ‘Delivering the Service’, will address some of the key issues around delivering a first class user experience.

Afternoon session: Managed services – securing the future - Our keynote talks in this afternoon session will focus on how Managed Services can help organisations secure their financial future by the exploitation of the era of the ‘Industrial Internet’ as well as secure their own and customers’ digital information against a background of mounting international fraud and cyber-attacks. Speakers and panellists will share their knowledge and insight into the opportunities and threats that organisations now face and what they can expect as digitalisation spreads throughout all facets of business operations.
During the afternoon breakout sessions we will have two distinct streams, one dedicated to Managed Service Providers looking at best practice in building a successful MSP practice, the second dedicated to CIO issues on how to work with Managed Service Providers to accelerate the delivery and exploitation of the digital marketplace.
Our final session of the day will bring back all delegates to look at what the future offers all through the eyes of one of Europe’s foremost Futurologists.

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